Seismic-Well Tie / Direct Mentorship

Can help you solve your doubts and problems when trying to do a correlation between your seismic data and your well information. José PEPE Regueiro

About This Service

Direct mentorship on topics related to the process of correlating seismic data with well logs, both pre and post stack.

Help in such topics as seismic and well log data quality; wavelet extraccion; correlation windows; quality of correlation; AVO effects and prestack synthetic seismograms..


About The Seller: José PEPE Regueiro


Jose Regueiro

José Pepe Regueiro holds the degrees of B.Sc.(1978), M.Sc(1980) and Ph.D (1984) from the Colorado School of Mines. with more than 35 years of experience, both in industry and academia, he is an expert in the so called Seismic Methodologies applied to the Energy Industry. His practical course in Seismic-Well Tie has been around for more that 20 years. He is the President of Geociencias Virtuales C.A., a company dedicated to teach online courses in Geosciences.

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Avg.Response Time

12 hours


Guided teaching of how to do a Seismic to Well Correlation, while helping you to solve your specific task. Book a first meeting, and tell me your needs. I would do my best to help you solve your doubts, or contact me using the Contact Seller link below.

 3 Days for initial contact    

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Can I negotiate a longer period contract with the "SELLER" ?


Yes, after you make the initial contact with the "SELLER" you can negotiate a contract according to your requirements. Such contract should be a direct contract between you and the SELLER, and will not include any responsability from Geociencias Virtuales C.A.


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You will get an Invoice from PayPal, under Geociencias Virtuales C.A., for the services paid using this website. Any other invoicing, for payments made directly to the SELLER, should be handle by the SELLER.